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Web 3.0 Roundup: Radar Networks, Powerset, Metaweb and Others…

It’s been a while since I posted about what my stealth venture, Radar Networks, is working on. Lately I’ve been seeing growing buzz in the industry around the “semantics” meme — for example at the recent DEMO conference, several companies used the word “semantics” in their pitches.… Read More “Web 3.0 Roundup: Radar Networks, Powerset, Metaweb and Others…”

How the WebOS Evolves?

Here is my timeline of the past, present and future of the Web. Feel free to put this meme on your own site, but please link back to the master image at this site (the URL that the thumbnail below points to) because I’ll be updating the image from time to time.… Read More “How the WebOS Evolves?”

I'm Going to Start Blogging About Radar Networks Here

haven’t blogged very much about my stealth startup, Radar Networks,
yet. At the most, I’ve made a few cryptic posts and announcements in the past, but we’ve been keeping things pretty quiet. That’s been a conscious  decision because we have been working
intensively on R&D  and we just weren’t ready to say much yet.
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Video Explains Semantic Web + A Comment

Ben Hammersly has come out with a video of his talk explaining the Semantic Web for beginners. It’s a great resource to explain what the Semantic Web is all about for people who are new to the subject or simply interested in the underlying technology of RDF, the concept of triples, etc.… Read More “Video Explains Semantic Web + A Comment”

Current State of the Weblog Tools Market

This article provides a good overview of the Weblog tools market, products, and market share.

GoMeme 2.0 – Help Test This Meme

Note: This experiment is now finished.

GoMeme 2.0 — Copy This GoMeme From This Line to The End of this article, and paste into your blog. Then follow the instructions below to fill it out for your site.

Steal This Post!!!!… Read More “GoMeme 2.0 – Help Test This Meme”

FAQ for GoMeme 2.0

This posting is the FAQ and introduction for a new, improved, second-generation meme experiment that is designed to spread faster and more broadly than the first meme experiment. We call this kind of meme a “GoMeme” (pronounced Go-Meem), because it is a meme that is designed to Go.… Read More “FAQ for GoMeme 2.0”

GoMeme 1.0 — Testing Meme Propagation In Blogspace: Add Your Blog!

NOTE: This experiment is now finished.

This is an experiment in spreading ideas across weblogs using the principles of viral marketing and social networks using a new method for making content more viral, which we call a "GoMeme."

New Version of My "Metaweb" Graph — The Future of the Net



Many people have requested this graph and so I am posting my latest version of it. The Metaweb is the coming “intelligent Web” that is evolving from the convergence of the Web, Social Software and the Semantic Web. The Metaweb is starting to emerge as we shift from a Web focused on information to a Web focused on relationships between things — what I call “The Relationship Web” or the “Relationship Revolution.”… Read More “New Version of My "Metaweb" Graph — The Future of the Net”

As I predicted .. Lifelogs are coming…

I call it a Lifelog — Nokia calls it a “Lifeblog” (my terminology is better) — but it’s the same idea — a log of all the stuff you experience — your whole life, blogged and online. OK but the key is to make sure I can keep my lifeblog private — or at least parts of it private!… Read More “As I predicted .. Lifelogs are coming…”

Taming RSS

Tristan posted a nice article about better ways to manage RSS today (reproduced here with his exact wording, typos and all, since my policy is not to edit other people’s words)…

2004 is obviously the year of RSS, with article popping up left and right in mainstream publications.

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An RSS Feed Tool I Would Like

It would be cool if there was a way to automatically make and serve an RSS feed from my daily IE history — this feed would be a running stream of every URL I look at every day. It would be generated by a little floating utility on my desktop.… Read More “An RSS Feed Tool I Would Like”

Blogging by the Numbers

Here are some good stats on the size of the blogosphere.

The Metaweb is Coming… See this Diagram…

This diagram (click to see larger version) illustrates why I believe technology evolution is moving towards what I call the Metaweb. The Metaweb is emerging from the convergence of the Web, Social Software and the Semantic Web.


The Pattern of Social Technology Evolution

Here is my strategic outlook on the evolution of online technologies: past, present and future. Please see the table below. Commentary follows the table…









The Net


Desktop Publishing


Phone, Fax, Email

Database Applications

BBS’s & On-line

Phone, Fax, Early EDI



The Web


Web Publishing & Web Sites


PIM’s, E-mail & IM,
Phone, Fax

Groupware, KM, and Intranets

Web Portals

Web Stores & Marketplaces



The Metaweb


Weblogs & RSS


(“Microcontent” and “Personal

E-Mail, Webmail, IM, VOIP, Video
Conferencing & Web Conferencing

Wikis, Decentralized
Collaboration & Semantic Webs

Social Networks & “Friendsware

XML Web Services & Web Services Exchanges




The Semantic Web

K-logs, Lifelogs & Personal



Microcontent becomes primary enterprise KM medium.

Read More “The Pattern of Social Technology Evolution”

Semantic Web Officially Approved by W3C

Huge news for the Semantic Web — the W3C has officially approved the RDF and OWL specs.