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Favorite Site of the Week:

Slideshare is a site where people post and share their Powerpoints. You can watch the powerpoints quickly with a little viewer widget that let’s you click through them in your browser. There are some really interesting, creative, and informative presentations there.… Read More “Favorite Site of the Week:”

LOST: My Newest Obsession

I know, I know. I’m several years late to the party on this one, but I have become quite obsessed with the television show, Lost. It’s possibly the most addictive show on TV. Ever. You have to start from the beginning though.… Read More “LOST: My Newest Obsession”

Pandora is Great But…

The online music recommendation service Pandora is really cool in all ways but one. Due to what they report as a requirement of their music license the user is only allowed to skip a small number of songs per hour. This can be a problem since the whole point of Pandora is that you give it feedback as it plays songs for you and it learns what you like.… Read More “Pandora is Great But…”

The Time Fountain

This is a really cool art and technology project that creates an interactive timekeeping system out of a fountain of falling drops of water and a strobe light. You can interact with the drops. It has to be seen to be explained.… Read More “The Time Fountain”

Colored Bubbles

After 11 years of painstaking research and inventor has finally achieved the "holy grail" — colored soap bubbles that don’t stain anything. But that’s just the beginning — his invention is based on a completely new kind of dye chemistry that could open the door to a wide range of new products.… Read More “Colored Bubbles”

A Cool Thingy…

This is cool Click to see why.  I think this idea has great value for viral, meme-based Web advertising. Just imagine: Advertisers could release really cool animations to add to sites, and site owners could add them into their sites for entertainment or humor.… Read More “A Cool Thingy…”

An Incredible Flash Production — Must See!

I was fortunate enough to wander across this amazing online Flash presentation that reveals the hidden meaning of the film, "2001." It’s a thoroughly engaging, brilliantly produced, fascinating production — one of the best uses of Flash animation that I’ve ever seen.… Read More “An Incredible Flash Production — Must See!”

You've Got To Hear This Album…

My friend, Bari Koral, just released her new album, "Confessions of an Indie Girl." Bari is an incredible talent — and this is her best album yet. She tours most of the year and has a large following, but she is still undiscovered by the mainstream.
Read More “You've Got To Hear This Album…”

Just Saw A Great Film

Today I saw The Motorcycle Diaries. This film is perhaps one of most beautiful, vivid, and emotionally powerful works of art to ever grace the silver screen. I knew nothing about this film before today — it was a whim, at the suggestion of a very special person.… Read More “Just Saw A Great Film”