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New Photon Thruster: Get to Mars in 1 Week!

An interesting new patent pending design for a photon thruster appears to be the real deal. Check out the article and who is behind it. (A fellow SRI alumnus!). Getting to Mars in a week means getting to the moon, as well as other nearby planets would be quite fast as well.… Read More “New Photon Thruster: Get to Mars in 1 Week!”

A Passenger's Bill of Rights — Sign me Up!

Where do I sign up to support this initiative? A group of exasperated US airline passengers who were stuck on the tarmac for 10 hours last month have come up with a proposal for a bill to establish a Passenger’s Bill of Rights, which would include the following provisions:

Establishing procedures for airlines to return passengers to a terminal gate after three hours on the tarmac.

Read More “A Passenger's Bill of Rights — Sign me Up!”

Instructional Video: How to Eat Sushi in Japan

Check out this fascinating video on the correct way to order and eat sushi in Japan. Very informative! I had no idea that all these years I had been doing it all wrong. How embarrassing!

Chinese Aircraft Maintenance — Shocking Photos

Ever wonder how well your jet plane is maintained? Well check out these photos of the engines of a Chinese jet that was recently grounded in Germany due to um….well… you just have to see it and read the description…

A Problem with Space Travel

As the distance a spaceship travels through space increases, so do the odds that it will collide with debris in its path – such as interstellar dust, micrometeorites, asteroids, dark matter, dark stars, etc.

If you are traveling at super high-speed, through uncharted territory, there is no way to know what is out there.Read More “A Problem with Space Travel”

Location Awareness — The Next Big Thing

Japanese cell phone company KDDI is offering a new GPS-enabled 3D navigational tool to their 17 million subscribers (see article and picture). Their system helps consumers navigate city streets and even within buildings, using an innovative 3D map and audio directions.… Read More “Location Awareness — The Next Big Thing”

New Underwater Scooter Technology

Check out the Scoobadoo — a new underwater scooter that lets anyone scuba dive, without wearing a mask, tank or weights… Cool.

New Quantum Propulsion Being Researched By Air Force

A radical new form of propulsion is being researched that may enable travel from Earth to Mars in 3 hours, and travel to nearby stars in just 80 days. The system is based on a novel quantum theory termed Heim quantum
theory (HQT).… Read More “New Quantum Propulsion Being Researched By Air Force”

TV2Me — "Space-Shifting" of Local TV Broadcasts

Tv2me_pvs2My friend Ken Schaffer’s startup, TV2Me, is starting to really push the envelope on video streaming. Their box enables you to stream your own cable, satellite or terrestrial TV signal to your laptop or cell phone or PC, no matter where you are, with incredible fidelity.… Read More “TV2Me — "Space-Shifting" of Local TV Broadcasts”

Time Traveler Convention and Further Thoughts

There’s a very interesting event taking place at MIT tonight — the first (and only?) Time Traveler Convention. The organizers are inviting anyone in the future who is capable of time travel to travel back to the geo coordinates of this event (to be held at MIT) and attend it, along with proof that they are from the future.… Read More “Time Traveler Convention and Further Thoughts”

Photo Recognition an Alternative to GPS?

New software can figure out where you are positioned based on analyzing a photo in near real time. Simply send it a photo from your camera-phone and the software will match the image to a database of locations — such as buildings in a city — and give you back your coordinates.… Read More “Photo Recognition an Alternative to GPS?”

NASA Prepares to Test "Hyper-X" – Plane to Fly 7 Times Speed of Sound

NASA prepares to test its Hyper-X jet — a plane that can fly up to 7 times the speed of sound. Future passenger jets based on the technology could go from New York to London in less than 2 hours.

The Big Secret? Is it all About Helium-3?

An article claims that Bush’s Moon initiative may be motivated by the lunar presence of Helium-3, a better source of fuel for nuclear reactors that just happens to be abundant on the Moon but virtually absent on Earth. The article proposes that whomever has space supremacy controls the near-earth Helium-3 supply and therefore has future energy supremacy as we move towards increasing reliance on nuclear power.… Read More “The Big Secret? Is it all About Helium-3?”

Proposal for One-Way Trip to Mars

Paul Davies has put forth an interesting proposal for a one-way trip to Mar as the most cost-effective way to establish a permanent human presence on Mars. It’s a smart and novel idea.

Bush's Mars Initiative

I admit it. I’m a total sucker for things like this. If the Bush Administration commits to sending a manned mission to Mars, or even just putting a permanent base on the Moon, it would definitely be a point in their favor in my mind.… Read More “Bush's Mars Initiative”

Humans Should Intentionally Seed Life on Mars. Why We Must Start Now.

Here’s a wildly unexpected proposal that just popped into my brain: Humanity should intentionally contaminate Mars with Earth lifeforms — as soon as possible! The benefits vastly outweigh any concerns to the contrary. Indeed, it may be the smartest thing our species ever does.… Read More “Humans Should Intentionally Seed Life on Mars. Why We Must Start Now.”

You must see the full 8 meg color Mars image…

NASA wisely buried this amazing full hi-res version of their now-famous color Mars image on their site because they are getting too many downloads to handle the load. But here it is — the full sized 8 megabyte color Mars image in all its glorious detail.… Read More “You must see the full 8 meg color Mars image…”