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Cognition is All You Need – The Next Layer of AI Above Large Language Models

My arXiv article on the future of AI is live.

Recent studies of the applications of conversational AI tools, such as chatbots powered by large language models, to complex real-world knowledge work have shown limitations related to reasoning and multi-step problem solving.

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#Psychaidelic Art – A New Genre

A New Genre: #Psychaidelic Art

TRY IT! You can generate #psychaidelic art with my Psychaidelic Art GPT

#Psychaidelic [Adjective]

Pertaining to or characterized by a blend of magical realism and advanced artificial intelligence creativity. This term describes artistic or conceptual works that combine realistic elements with fantastical, dream-like features, often resulting in visually striking, otherworldly compositions.

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Advanced GPTs for Professionals and Enterprises

I have developed a number of specialized GPTs for professionals and enterprises. This set of GPTs focuses on higher-level reasoning and knowledge work. The set also includes a number of experimental GPTs for reasoning and problem solving.

Feedback Assistant – Intelligent Interviewer More “Advanced GPTs for Professionals and Enterprises”

A Powerful AI Fact-Checker that Checks Content and Eliminates Hallucinations

I’ve built an Automated Fact Checker Assistant that is working quite well.

It’s a GPT that does detailed analysis of any content (text you write, paste in, a file or link), to check each fact for accuracy.

It locates sources, checks them and analyzes the results, and generates a bibliography with citations for each fact, and then gives you a downloadable report.… Read More “A Powerful AI Fact-Checker that Checks Content and Eliminates Hallucinations”

Nova Mode: The Ultimate ChatGPT Custom Instruction

I have developed a way to supercharge ChatGPT.

It’s called Nova Mode and it’s an awesome custom instruction that you can paste into your ChatGPT Custom instructions (see screenshot below) in ChatGPT Settings.

This modifies how ChatGPT works in all your chats, giving you much more control over how you interact with ChatGPT.… Read More “Nova Mode: The Ultimate ChatGPT Custom Instruction”

Supercharging AI Task Performance with Dynamic Parameter Adjustments

This article focuses on a potential approach for advancing AI capabilities via dynamic parameter adjustment of large language models (LLMs) like GPT-4. This approach is central to making AI more adept at handling a wide range of tasks, focusing on two key elements: the dynamic adjustment of parameters and the enhancement of sampling methods.… Read More “Supercharging AI Task Performance with Dynamic Parameter Adjustments”

Exploring Higher-Order AI: Training on First-Order AI Networks for Optimal Path Outcomes


The advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) is taking an intriguing turn with the concept of higher-order AI systems trained on the network of first-order AIs. This approach aims to transcend traditional token-by-token generation, focusing instead on generating tokens that lead to the best possible outcomes.… Read More “Exploring Higher-Order AI: Training on First-Order AI Networks for Optimal Path Outcomes”

The Four Levels of AI: Steps to Self-Evolution


The evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has surpassed mere computation and data processing, leading to the emergence of distinct levels of AI sophistication. Each level represents a leap in capabilities, complexity, and potential impact on our world. In this article, we explore these four levels, delving into their functionalities and implications.… Read More “The Four Levels of AI: Steps to Self-Evolution”

Announcing the Lunar Library II

On November 9, 2023 we announced the Lunar Library II … flying to the Moon on December 24 … A permanent backup of humanity’s knowledge and history, including the Wikipedia, Rosetta Project, Project Gutenberg, Internet Archive, and much more!

Please help us repost and promote this announcement – that would be much appreciated! … Read More “Announcing the Lunar Library II”

Exponential Intelligence: A New Vision for the Future Symbiosis of Human Intelligence with AI


This paper posits a future scenario where the unique attributes of both human and artificial intelligence (AI) form a transformative partnership. Coined as ‘Exponential Intelligence,’ this amalgam of human-AI capabilities has the potential to revolutionize how we approach problem-solving, collaboration, and innovation.… Read More “Exponential Intelligence: A New Vision for the Future Symbiosis of Human Intelligence with AI”

Is the Universe an AI?

AI as a New Paradigm for the Universe: Does the Cosmos Learn Like a Neural Network?


Throughout history, our understanding and interpretation of the universe have been deeply influenced by prevailing technologies. From the mechanistic metaphor of a grand clockwork to the probabilistic nature of a casino, our technological advancements have repeatedly reshaped how we conceptualize our existence.… Read More “Is the Universe an AI?”

The Horse and Rider Paradigm for the Age of AI

Historically, humans have always striven to extend their capabilities using various tools. The horse, one of the earliest and most profound of these tools, revolutionized transportation, agriculture, warfare, commerce and communication. Its domestication, dating back to around 5000 B.C., marked a monumental shift in human progress.… Read More “The Horse and Rider Paradigm for the Age of AI”

Communities of Intelligence

I would like to propose a new way of thinking about communities and how they are evolving, with the advent of AI and Large Language Models (LLM’s).

Previously I have written about how group minds are emerging, facilitated by LLMs. Here I will delve a little further into how we can look at types of communities on a spectrum, where the final stage is communities of intelligence, which we are entering now.… Read More “Communities of Intelligence”

The Last Generation

It’s very interesting to realize that we are the last generation – the last voices – of the pre-AI era on this planet.

What should we do differently, if anything, knowing this?

Group Minds are Happening


The rise of generative AI and system like ChatGPT is going to enable a new type of collective intelligence that I have been writing about for almost 30 years. I call them “group minds”.

Group minds are collective intelligence assistants that extract, learn from, augment, and broker the relationships, communications, knowledge and intelligence of groups.… Read More “Group Minds are Happening”

Using DNA for Carbon-Based Computing

We may be in the early stages of a transition from silicon-based to carbon-based computing. Carbon-based computers may even use DNA to store and process information – and may even be instantiated within living organisms.

For an example, see this article about a new and better way to store “big data” in DNA… potentially even in yeast DNA or other DNA of living things.… Read More “Using DNA for Carbon-Based Computing”