Sharepocalypse Now

The social media landscape is changing quickly, but this change won’t be immediate, or for that matter, efficient. And that’s going to be a big problem for all of us.

I believe that Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn are fundamentally different, and thus, should not be in competition. However, I’m not sure the companies themselves see it this way. It’s likely they will continue dedicating resources to competition instead of differentiation.

And while the social media gods fight it out in the clouds above us, what will happen down here on Earth? What about all of us, the little people — the users?

We’re entering a new era of social network chaos, and this, in turn, is going to create new needs and opportunities for startups.

The Sharepocalypse

Welcome to the “Sharepocalypse,” a new era of social network insanity.


7 thoughts on “Sharepocalypse Now

  1. Bennylynn

    I read your article with interest. It’s what I call neologisticcashinomania with a cashdrivenexegesis at its base, or what I used to refer to as makeabuckism, that was after I used to refer to it as howtomakeabuckfromgobbledygook. That was before I realised that these neologisms of mine were too simplistic for this weaselword world of ours. After all, why say it in 10 words if you can say it in 100 or, even better, 1000 words; especially when hardly anyone has time to read anything now, other than how to twit some twaddle to some twat. It’s well know that there is a class of people who think more highly of something if it sounds complicated and scientific, as though they’re buying into something not many people know about – think conceptual art, ‘alternative medicine’, New Age blab. Anyway, I’m sure you’ll made a wad from it all.

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  5. Eric VanderSchaaf


    Wanted to chat briefly.  This post was *really* amazing.  

    I believe you are right on with your prediction.  Absolutely spot on.

    Hope to connect soon,

    Eric VanderSchaaf

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  7. Cristiano Prado Caetano

    The thing is those Social Media gods are still following our (almost) old Economy Model = Based on Resources. I strongly believe that web 3.0 is helping us to change our priorities from Resource to Data. With that we open the path to MIND the web. Soon, the people will change from competition to differenciation, also in their lives. Thank you Nova!

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