Bottlenose Beta 2.0 Launched Today!

Bottlenose Beta 2.0 launched today, and it’s pretty innovative.

Three good articles came out covering it:

ReadWriteWeb – Bottlenose is a 6th Sense for the Social Web – Bottlenose Beta Two Features New Layout, Visuals

TechCrunch – Bottlenose 2.0: Taming the “Share-pocalypse”

Also Robert Scoble blogged about it on Google+ here.

Bottlenose also blogged about the new features and why they are important here.

I’m psyched for this launch. The app has come a long way. The new Sonar features really help me keep up with all my streams in a way that just has never been possible before. Check it out. You can use the semi-secret invite code: getsonar