The Post-Privacy World

Read my article in WIRED Insights about what the post-privacy world will be like. Here’s an excerpt:

Edward Snowden’s recent allegations regarding what most of us already suspected the NSA was doing, have ignited a huge controversy around privacy and the role of the State versus the individual. And while it is tempting to have a knee-jerk reaction against government intrusion in our lives, in fact it’s not that simple.

In the post-privacy world, privacy is no longer guaranteed or expected. Given that we can’t stop this shift from happening, the question becomes, how can we turn lemons into lemonade in this situation?

It turns out that the post-privacy world may not be as dystopian as some people seem to think. In fact, despite all the negative hype about it, it’s really not that different from the world we live in today. But a more transparent world even has potential to be better than a one of excessive privacy and secrecy.