Advanced GPTs for Professionals and Enterprises

I have developed a number of specialized GPTs for professionals and enterprises. This set of GPTs focuses on higher-level reasoning and knowledge work. The set also includes a number of experimental GPTs for reasoning and problem solving.

Feedback Assistant – Intelligent Interviewer

This Assistant conducts interviews to gather feedback from stakeholders. It has a configurable interview setup file format. Interview questions can have required fields and drill-down fields where the interviewer asks deeper follow-up questions.

This Demo version doesn’t save interview results, but you can test how it works.

Contact if you are interested in access to the Pro version, which saves results into files and databases, and does analytics and reporting to provide actionable insights from feedback gathering processes. 

Automatic Fact Checking Assistant

This Assistant analyzes any content for facts that need to be checked, and then it generates a fact checking table, and proceeds to check each fact by researching it on the Web, explaining its findings, and providing a bibliography. You can iterate to drill deeper into any fact, to research it further. This can be used to detect and eliminate hallucinations in AI generated content, as well as to fact-check any human-generated content for accuracy.

Advanced Project Consulting Team

This Assistant creates a team of chatbots that help you solve problems and achieve goals in a structured manner. It creates a conditional workflow and assembles teams for each objective. These teams have discussions to explore ideas, solve problems and generate solutions. This is an extremely  powerful way to explore, analyze and solve any goal, problem or project.

This is a demo of a much more powerful version in Mindcorp’s commercial product, Cognition. Contact us if you are interested in learning more.

Management Consulting Team Simulator

Simulates a smaller but more  analytical management consulting team, comprised of a Client (which can be the user or simulated), a Consultant and an Analyst. Applies business school methodologies to solve the Client problem, making use of critical analysis and team dialog. 

This is a demo of a much more powerful capability in our commercial products. Contact if you are interested in the Pro version.

Top Firm Senior Management Consultant Assistant

This Assistant helps you solve problems or work on projects, by applying the approaches of the leading consultancies. You can state your problem and then choose which leading firm’s approaches fit best, and it can also suggest which methodologies to use. Then it will help you work on the problem. 

This is a demo of a much more powerful version in Mindcorp’s commercial product, Cognition. Contact us if you are interested in learning more.

Financial Analyst Assistant

Analyzes market data, corporate data, and financial data sources to assess financial health, financial risks and opportunities, peer group comparisons, and other advanced financial analyses. Has a vast knowledge of public market financial analytics, private equity analysis, and the strategic implications of financial trends. 

This is demo of a much more advanced capability in our commercial product. Contact if you are interested.

Nova Mode Pro – ChatGPT Authoring Supercharger

Revolutionizes how you use ChatGPT – without any plugins necessary!

A more powerful way to use ChatGPT Pro for serious work on ideas or content. Provides an extensible command line syntax inside of ChatGPT for processing messages in the chat to do more complex operations. (Read more here).

  • Automatically numbers messages so you can refer to earlier messages easily.
  • Refer to messages by number, range, or as sets
  • Iteratively create content from outlines automatically
  • Tag messages in a chat
  • Search for messages by tags and terms
  • Use Booleans and wildcards to filter and recombine messages
  • Distill unique ideas from any set of messages
  • Summarize the whole chat or any set of messages 
  • Auto-expand content multiple times into richer content
    Create your own commands to extend it
  • Dozens of commands, and powerful AI assistance!

Advanced Comparison Assistant

Helps you do advanced comparisons between sets of ideas, documents, data, or systems of thought, such as legal analysis, scientific research, data analysis, and more. An indispensable tool for serious analysis of complex questions and data. 

Inputs: sets of typed messages, documents, data, images, code

Outputs: detailed logical analysis of how they compare

  • Compare any set of things to any set of other things
  • Find similarities and differences between documents or data sets
  • Generate Venn diagram reports showing overlaps and non-overlaps
  • Analyze intersecting regulations and legal statutes
  • Compare and contrast images or code 
  • Compare ideas across different sets of documents 
  • Analyze logical implications of different sets of claims
  • Compare sets of items by relationships to other items
  • Do complex comparisons using logic, set theory, graphs, and computation

Business School Case Study Assistant

Helps you apply methodologies from top business schools to solve business problems. Also helps you study and practice business school case study solution skills, by generating new cases to test yourself against, and it even  tutors you to improve your skills. This is useful for anyone in business school, or applying to business school – and for those who want to apply rigorous business school methodologies to any business problem.

  • Helps you solve existing or new business school cases 
  • Generates new cases to explore 
  • Helps you interactively test your case study solutions skills
  • Tutors you on ways to improve your answers.

Interactive Scenario Simulator

Provides a powerful set of tools for generating and participating in interactive role-plays for testing ideas, simulating scenarios, imaging and trying out new products, scenario testing, role-play based training, and concept exploration.

Advanced Focus Group Simulator

This helps you design a focus group and then interview it for their opinions. Can be small personal focus groups or large consumer audience segments. Interactive testing with the focus group, then get Report.

Decision Support Assistant

Helps you make difficult decisions interactively in a structured process applying best practices for decision making. Useful for reasoning and thinking about decisions with multiple criteria and inputs. 

Smarter Problem Solving Assistant

Describe your problem and then this GPT analyzes it, explores potential solution paths, selects the optimal solution path, and then helps you solve it. Designed to help solve complex problems, such as logic problems or multi-step analysis problems. 

Cognitive Bias Detecter

Analyzes content to detect cognitive biases and produces a report of any biases found. Useful as a tool for content creators and editors for testing content before publishing it.

Breakthrough Idea Assistant (Experimental)

This is an experimental reasoning assistant that helps to generate and refine ideas, explore hypotheses, and solve problems, by using formal logical reasoning and tree search. It’s a structured logical reasoning search engine, built inside a large language model. This is one of our experiments in combining reasoning with large language models.

Memorization Assistant

This Assistant helps you memorize anything using memorization techniques such as Flashcards and Memory Palaces. Helps you use the techniques, and then test yourself with Flashcards and get your score.

Logical Inferencing Assistant (Experimental)

This experiment generates a formal logical system about a topic, and then uses logical inferencing to derive new theorems from the system. This is one of our experiments in combining reasoning with large language models.Tests for logical consistency. Grows knowledge graphs. This is one of our experiments in combining reasoning with large language models. It’s more fun than it sounds. 

Reasoning Analysis Assistant (Experimental)

This Assistant analyzes a document (or any text) for errors in reasoning and argumentation. It implements a simple reasoning engine completely in ChatGPT. You can upload documents for analysis or it can generate an example to test.

Semantic Web Reasoning Assistant (Experimental)

This experiment tests the idea of doing Semantic Web reasoning inside of a large language model. For any topic, generates a knowledge graph using RDF and OWL, and then applies Semantic Web technology to reason against the graph. This is one of our experiments in combining reasoning with large language models. This is very geeky but interesting to tinker with.